Our Buying Program

Yay for recycling your wardrobe!

What we Buy

We'd love to see anything vintage or designer. Our intent is to promote secondhand clothing, but to also encourage keeping clothing for longer (hence our love for vintage) and to encourage quality over quantity (hence our interest in designer).

If you have something outside of these categories that is not fast fashion or any big box brands, bring it over! We'd love to still take a look.

We also would love to see any quality items that may be unwearable due to stains or other issues. We love to upcycle clothing so we're always keeping an eye out for pieces to transform.

How you Pay you $$

For all sellable items we'd like to purchase, we offer 35% cash of the selling price. 

For all items that we purchase for upcycling, we offer a dollar amount per piece based on the quality of the fabric and the condition.

Anything $50 or more will be paid via check.

We'll Donate For you

As much as we wish every item that is purchased has a second life with us, we're still a small studio and have to be selective in our process.

Do know that we value your time and personal connection you may have with your clothing so we truly appreciate you taking the step to bringing anything in. 

For all items that you bring in that won't be purchased and are unwanted by you, we are happy to donate it on your behalf!



Still have any questions? 

Feel free to contact us!